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Freedom Capital Advisors

Freedom Capital Advisors

Freedom Capital Advisors is a Registered Investment Adviser and currently manages over $30 million in assets. We specialize in stocks, bonds and options and we engage in a lot of premium selling in managing our strategies, whether it is covered call writing or naked put selling. Ron McCoy has worked in the financial markets for over 25 years and has seen many of boom times as well as the bust times. His focus is on managing risk and he takes a value approach to investing clients’ money. He received a Bachelor of Science in business degree from Florida State University in 1986. Prior to founding and becoming a Registered Investment Adviser Representative for Freedom Capital Advisors, Ron held a series 7, 24, and 65 and held various management positions in the brokerage business.

Investment portfolio

We take a value approach to investing and try not to overpay for anything.  Our discipline is buying good large cap companies at reasonable valuations and selling puts underneath as a means to initiate positions and create income.  Companies are scrutinized closely and we look at earnings, cash flow, debt, and market cap as well as many other metrics. Often we initiate positions in companies that we have followed for many years and have invested in many times in the past.

Sharpe ratio
0.89 365 days
9.3% 365 days
Risk score
  • 1.25% fee
  • $30,000 min

Portfolio commentary

  1. Profile Picture Staying Cautious June 05, 2017

    We view gold as a hedge against unforeseen events

  2. Profile Picture Seeking market calm December 12, 2016
  3. Profile Picture Xmas rally pivots December 05, 2016
  4. Profile Picture Tesla's reality shock September 01, 2016
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