Account types

We support a wide variety of brokerage account types and offer investment portfolios that are suitable for each type. We classify accounts in two ways:

All account types can invest in our recommended Asset Allocation portfolio. In addition, your account structure and account margin capability determine which Diversified and Active portfolios you may invest in.

IRA (Retirement accounts) Non-retirement accounts
Cash Can only invest in portfolios that belong to both categories: 'Available to retirement accounts' as well as 'Available to cash accounts' Can only invest in portfolios that are 'Available to cash accounts'
Margin Can only invest in portfolios that are 'Available to retirement accounts' Can invest in all portfolios
Retirement accounts


IBKRAM supports Traditional, Traditional Rollover, Traditional Inherited, Roth and Roth Inherited customer types.
Non-retirement accounts


Account owned and used by a single person.


Account owned and used by two people.


Account where the securities are registered in the name of the trust, while a Trustee controls the management of investments.


Uniform Gifts to Minors Act (UGMA) and the Uniform Transfers to Minors Act (UTMA). Account for the Custodian of a minor who is a US resident
Note: Your personal risk score is compiled based on your answers to IBKRAM’s risk questionnaire and limits the portfolios you can invest in. See risk score page »
Notes on account types

IBKRAM does not support Simplified Employee Pension (SEP) accounts.

IBKRAM does not recommend using a margin account and leaves the decision to use a margin account or select a portfolio requiring a margin account to you. But if you are interested in investing in a portfolio requiring a margin-enabled account, you will need the Interactive Brokers LLC brokerage account associated with your IBKRAM investments to be similarly enabled.

You should take into account these material consequences and conflicts of interests associated with using a margin account in connection with your IBKRAM investments:

  • IBKRAM has a potential conflict of interest - Your decision to use a margin account for your IBKRAM investments and IBKRAM’s access of that margin in managing your investments will increase the market value of your IBKRAM account and the corresponding management fee payable to IBKRAM.
  • You will pay interest to our affiliated broker-dealer Interactive Brokers LLC on any amounts borrowed, in addition to paying IBKRAM a higher management fee than if you did not use margin.