Low, fair fees

Here's what it will cost you:

Asset-based management fees on the amount of your investments.

  • 0.08% - 1.5% per year
  • Computed daily and payable monthly
  • We don’t charge fees on uninvested cash

Commissions on trades in your account.

  • All transactions are executed and all commissions are charged by our affiliate Interactive Brokers LLC - one of the lowest cost brokers.
  • IBKR Asset Management never marks up any transaction costs.
Low transparent fees

Estimate your costs

Initial costs
Annual costs
Notes on costs

All costs shown are estimated.

Estimates given are based on an estimated turnover and average share price. Actual turnover and share prices might vary leading to higher or lower initial and annual costs.

Annual costs are the costs to manage the investment plus the estimated trading commission to re-balance the portfolio, estimated on an annual basis.

Initial costs are the estimated trading commissions incurred in establishing the portfolio.

How the costs breakdown

The calculator accounts for management fees and commissions, details of which are below:

Asset Allocation Diversified Active
Management fee
Smart Beta 0.08%
WisdomTree 0.10%
FTSE Russell Index Tracker 0.20%
State Street Global Advisors 0.30%
0.50% to 1.50%
Basket commissions structure
$0.0035 per aggregated share
  • Minimum of $5 or 0.05% of trade value
  • Maximum of 0.5% of trade value
  • Exchange, regulatory and clearing fees
$0.0035 per share
  • Minimum (trade value * 0.0005, USD 0.35)
  • Maximum of 1% of trade value
  • Exchange, regulatory and clearing fees
Management fee
0.50% to 1.25%
$0.0035 per share
  • Minimum (trade value * 0.0005, USD 0.35)
  • Maximum of 1% of trade value
  • Exchange, regulatory and clearing fees

Other potential costs to you

You will incur additional costs charged by other providers under the following circumstances:

If you partition an existing Interactive Brokers LLC brokerage account instead of opening a new brokerage account to invest through us, you may incur Interactive Brokers LLC’s $10 monthly activity fee (as explained in the “Advisor Client Accounts” section on that page).

If you invest in our portfolios through your existing wealth manager, you may incur management fees charged separately by your wealth manager.

If you invest in portfolios holding ETF’s, you will incur ETF management fees charged separately by the ETF issuers.