Investing, simplified.

Welcome to the future of investing. With Interactive Brokers Asset Management, you get the low costs and convenience of online investing, human help, and a broad selection of actively and passively managed portfolios.

We have three types of passively managed portfolios that are personally overseen by our Chief Investment Officer and automatically rebalanced on a quarterly basis. We also offer dozens of actively managed portfolios run by experienced money managers.

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Smart Beta

$5k minimum

Asset Allocation

$5k minimum

Index Tracker

$5k minimum

Actively Managed

$10k - $148k minimum

Our mission is to make investing easy and transparent and save you time and money. Whether you’re an individual investor or an adviser looking to invest for your clients, we’re here to help.

Getting started is simple. You can invest entirely online or call us for assistance. After answering a quick survey, we’ll instantly recommend Asset Allocation portfolios that are appropriate for your risk level and let you browse all of our portfolios. Once your account is activated, you simply select portfolios and allocate assets to the portfolios picked.

Low fees and minimums, high quality service.