Texas Christian University; London School of Economics

BA Phi Beta Kappa; Master's in Finance and Accounting

Investment Experience
10 years


Company Name
Sizemore Capital

  • Address
  • 2633 McKinney Avenue
  • Dallas
  • Texas
  • 75204

Sizemore Capital

Sizemore Capital Management LLC is a registered investment advisory firm located in Dallas, Texas. Charles Lewis Sizemore, CFA is the founder and Chief Investment Officer of the firm.

Investment process

Sizemore Capital Management generally takes a top-down, macro approach to the investment process. I attempt to identify durable macro trends and choose attractively-priced investments that stand to benefit from those trends. I take a global approach; all international markets and industries are considered for investment.

Company background

I am a long-time financial writer and I founded Sizemore Capital Management in 2008 to grant my readers access to my investment insights.

Investment portfolios

The Sizemore Capital Dividend Growth Portfolio invests in dividend-paying stocks, REITS, MLPS, and other income-producing securities with the primary objective of generating a high and growing income stream that will outpace inflation over time, and a secondary objective of long-term capital gains.

Sharpe ratio
0.89 365 days
11.0% 365 days
Risk score
  • 1.5% fee
  • $20,000 min

The Strategic Growth Allocations are Sizemore Capital's alternative to traditional asset allocation and will invest primarily using ETFs.  The Strategic Growth Allocation seeks to achieve returns comparable to the S&P 500 while taking less risk and is appropriate for investors with an objective of long-term growth.  Income is secondary objective.

ETFs / Funds
Sharpe ratio
1.55 365 days
12.4% 365 days
Risk score
  • 1% fee
  • $10,000 min

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Important Information

1. Performance of the Portfolio Manager's account is calculated by IB Asset Management on a daily time-weighted basis, including cash, dividends and earnings distributions and broker commissions. Manager returns include trades and positions that fail IB Asset Management's trading rules, as a result, actual client returns will differ. IB Asset Management advisory fees are simulated and applied retro-actively to present the portfolio return "net-of-fees".

2. Past performance is no guarantee of future results. Periodic and since inception performance returns are calculated daily. Monthly vs. S&P 500 return and the corresponding spark chart is calculated to the most recent month end date.

3. The investment minimum is the minimum investment required to follow a particular portfolio. The minimum amount is determined by IB Asset Management, based on the characteristics of the underlying portfolio. It should not be considered as specific investment advice for your investment situation.