SSGA Growth

Managed by State Street Global Advisors

-5.6% Last 30 days - Last 90 days - Last 365 days - Sharpe Ratio - Max Drawdown

SSGA Growth

Managed by State Street Global Advisors

-5.6% Last 30 days - Last 90 days - Last 365 days - Sharpe Ratio - Max Drawdown
Risk score
Strategy ETFs / Funds
AUM fee 0.3%
• Investment minimum: $5,000
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The State Street Tactical Allocation Model ETF Portfolios seek to provide investors with risk-based model portfolios. Each model portfolio invests primarily in index-based exchange traded funds (ETFs), the majority of which are owned and distributed by State Street and its affiliates.  


The model portfolio allocations are managed actively and rely on State Street Global Advisors’ tactical asset allocation decision-making process, which includes evaluation of global asset classes. The investment views underlying each portfolio are informed by State Street Global Advisors’ quantitative approach and refined by the fundamental views of their Investment Solutions Group (ISG), a 90+ member investment team.


The Tactical Growth Strategy seeks to capitalize on short-and long-term mispricing in the global equity and fixed income markets by overweighting asset classes which appear attractive and underweighting asset classes which the team expects to underperform. This portfolio trades monthly or more frequently (approximately 12-18 times a year).  


All performance information on this page is based on the performance of the Portfolio Manager’s account. Client performance may differ. This information was calculated on December 17, 2018.

Daily returns
iShares Core Aggressive Allocation ETF
S&P 500 ETF
Manager (net of fees )
Last 30 days -5.6% -6.7% -4.6%
Last 90 days   -11.8% -9.3%
Last 365 Days   -2.9% -6.2%
Since inception -11.0% -12.4% -9.4%
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About State Street Global Advisors

For four decades, State Street Global Advisors has served the world’s governments, institutions and financial advisors. With a rigorous, risk-aware approach built on research, analysis and market-tested experience, we build from a breadth of active and index strategies to create cost-effective solutions. As stewards, we help portfolio companies see that what is fair for people and sustainable for the planet can deliver long-term performance. And, as pioneers in index, ETF, and ESG investing, we are always inventing new ways to invest. As a result, we have become the world’s third largest asset manager with US $2.72 trillion* under our care. While State Street licenses model portfolio data enabling IBKR Asset Management to build and periodically rebalance these portfolios, State Street does not have trading discretion, and it is not an adviser or fiduciary to IBKR Asset Management clients investing in these portfolios. *AUM reflects approximately $32.9 billion (as of June 30, 2018), with respect to which State Street Global Advisors Funds Distributors, LLC (SSGA FD) serves as marketing agent; SSGA FD and State Street Global Advisors are affiliated.

Important Information

  1. Past performance is no guarantee of future results, and all investments, including those in this portfolio, involve the risk of loss, including loss of principal and a reduction in earnings.  
  2. Interactive Brokers Asset Management’s State Street Global Advisors (“SSGA”) Tactical Allocation Model Exchange Traded Fund Portfolios (“IBKRAM SSGA ETF Model Portfolios”) are made up of whole and/or fractional holdings of ETFs and money market instruments or funds. The portfolios themselves are not ETFs or Mutual Funds. Clients choosing to invest in these portfolios directly own the ETF shares making up the portfolios.
  3. IBKR Asset Management constructs and manages this portfolio based on a model portfolio and data obtained pursuant to an agreement with SSGA Funds Management, Inc. (“SSGA”). SSGA actively manages the model strategy underlying this portfolio and does not seek to replicate the performance of an index.
  4. To invest in this portfolio, IBKR Asset Management clients must:
    • Sign an Investment Management Agreement with and become clients of IBKR Asset Management;
    • Consent to trading with another Interactive Brokers LLC client who is a liquidity provider in order to be able to buy and sell fractions of ETF shares and stocks, which do not trade on the open market. IBKR Asset Management clients may revoke this consent at any time but, if they do, they will no longer be able to invest in this portfolio. (Clients can see these fractional trades with the liquidity provider listed and identified on the periodic activity statements they receive from Interactive Brokers LLC); and
    • Obtain the minimum risk score required for each portfolio and acknowledge certain risk disclosures.
  5. IBKR Asset Management manages this portfolio by trading its own funds in a separate firm-owned brokerage account and replicating this trading in the accounts of investing clients as follows:
    • IBKR Asset Management funds and trades its own funds in a separate brokerage account associated with each portfolio;
    • IBKR Asset Management replicates the trading in these brokerage accounts in the accounts of clients investing in each specific portfolio in order to implement its replication-based investment process; and
    • Based on data received from SSGA, IBKR Asset Management periodically rebalances these portfolios.
  6. This portfolio is not in any way recommended to IBKR Asset Management clients by SSGA, the model portfolio strategy provider. SSGA does not provide any investment advice, account management service, or recommendation in relation to this portfolio or any account invested pursuant to it, and is not acting as an investment adviser or fiduciary to IBKR Asset Management clients. SSGA does not have a contractual, fiduciary, investment advisory or other relationship with IBKR Asset Management clients. SSGA has no responsibility for determining the suitability of this portfolio for IBKR Asset Management clients and has built the model portfolio without regard to the individual financial circumstances and objectives of any investor or IBKR Asset Management client.
  7. SSGA may alter, amend, terminate or change the model portfolios or their composition, suspend or interrupt providing data to IBKR Asset Management and has no obligation to take into account the needs of IBKR Asset Management or its clients when determining, modifying or terminating any of the model portfolios. IBKR Asset Management will notify all affected clients in the event that SSGA stops providing model portfolios to IBKR Asset Management to allow them to identify suitable alternative investments on the IBKR Asset Management platform or elsewhere. Those considering investing in this portfolio should bear this limitation in mind when deciding whether to invest in this portfolio, which may become unavailable in the future.
  8. This portfolio invests primarily in ETFs that make payments to SSGA for advisory or other services (SSGA ETFs). There may be similar ETFs with higher ratings, lower fees and expenses, substantially better performance or more attractive yield/risk profiles in the market. Because various SSGA affiliates earn fees from the SSGA ETFs selected for its model portfolio strategies, SSGA has an incentive to include SSGA ETFs in its model portfolios. Additional information on the ETFs included in this portfolio, their expense ratio and associated risks, can be found here in the prospectus for each ETF
  9. The IBKRAM SSGA ETF Model Portfolios include ETFs that offer exposure to equities (e.g., domestic and international equities, and REITs), commodities, domestic and international bonds (e.g., investment grade bonds, high yield bonds, convertible bonds, emerging market debt, inflation-protected bonds), and cash or short-term investment vehicles and are subject to the risks associated with such investments. For additional detail on the risks associated with investing in the IBKR SSGA ETF Model Portfolios, please review the risk disclosure prepared by IBRKAM.
  10. Clients may restrict any of the securities traded in their account, but should note that any restrictions they place on their investments could affect the performance of their account leading it to perform differently, worse or better, than (a) IBKR Asset Management’s account managing the portfolio or (b) other client accounts invested in the same portfolio.
  11. Periodic (monthly or more frequent, 12 to 18 times a year) rebalances in this portfolio will result in numerous transactions in many or all the ETFs in the portfolio and client accounts invested in this portfolio. Clients will incur transaction costs for any trading in their account (including periodic rebalance trades) such as commissions payable to Interactive Brokers LLC, IBKR Asset Management’s affiliated broker-dealer, which is a conflict of interest. Clients could be required to report some or all of these periodic rebalance trades on their tax forms. Clients should consult an accountant or tax attorney on tax matters as IBKR Asset Management does not provide tax advice or prepare tax documents for its clients. Interactive Brokers LLC provides certain tools to assist you with your tax filings, but these tools may only be able to support a limited number of trades.
  12. In addition to IBKR Asset Management’s management fees and Interactive Brokers LLC commissions, clients will also be charged management fees and other expenses (custodian fees, brokerage commissions, and legal and accounting fees) by the ETF issuers.
  13. There is no guarantee or assurance that the methodology used to create the models underlying the IBKRAM SSGA ETF Model Portfolios will result in these portfolios or client investments in these portfolios achieving positive returns. Also, while IBKR Asset Management aims to track the model portfolios as closely as possible, it makes no guarantee that it will succeed in doing so, or that it will achieve the same performance for clients as the account managing each portfolio has achieved. Those considering investments in this portfolio should note that there may be similar offerings in the marketplace (i.e., portfolios or investments seeking to track the same model portfolio), which may charge lower management fees.
  14. The performance information displayed on this page is not based on the actual performance of any client accounts. The performance in client accounts may be lower or higher than the IBKR Asset Management’s account performance (displayed on this page) based on a variety of factors, such as trading restrictions imposed by the client (resulting in different account holdings), time of initial investment, amount of investment, frequency and size of cash flows in and out of the client account, applicable brokerage commissions, and different corporate actions. Clients investing in this portfolio may view the actual performance of their investment in this portfolio by logging into their IBKR Asset Management account and reviewing their customized dashboard.
  15. This portfolio was launched on IBKR Asset Management on October 02, 2018. On that date, IBKR Asset Management started trading its own funds in a brokerage account trading this strategy. This portfolio was opened to client investments on October 23, 2018.
  16. All graph data is as of the end of day for the referenced period, unless otherwise specified. The investment minimum is the minimum investment required to invest in a particular portfolio. The minimum amount is determined by IBKR Asset Management, based on the characteristics of the underlying portfolio. It should not be considered as specific investment advice for your investment situation.
  17. The actual performance chart is provided for informational purposes only, and should not be used as the basis for making an investment decision. We rely on mathematical formulas, computer programs, and pricing information from third-party vendors (Thomson Reuters Worldscope database) to provide these returns. Neither IBKR Asset Management nor any of its data or content providers shall be liable for any errors in this information or any actions taken by you in reliance upon this information.
  18. Benchmark returns displayed have been calculated by IBKR Asset Management using daily adjusted close prices and include dividend income. More information can be found here. IBKR Asset Management uses only investable ETFs as benchmarks. Investable ETF returns reflect the deduction of (i.e., are net of) management fees, transaction costs and expenses.
  19. Transaction history is available upon request. Portfolio classifications are provided by IBKR Asset Management, and are intended to serve as a general guide.
  20. Not all transactions listed on this page or underlying the performance information displayed on this page will appear in accounts due to IBKR Asset Management's trading rules and individual client constraints. Eligibility of these securities is monitored periodically, and may change over time. Actual client investment holdings may vary.
  21. IBKR Asset Management’s management of this portfolio and some of the information on this page relies on data from third-party sources, including the third-party providing the model portfolio strategy. While IBKR Asset Management believes that the data it uses in its investment management processes is obtained from reliable sources, it did not audit or validate this data, which may contain errors.
  22. SSGA has not provided and is not responsible for any performance reporting provided on this page.